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Zerlux Hungary Ltd. is an independent, privately owned, ISO:9001 certified, R&D-based company having 120+ successfuly performed downhole camera onshore & offshore run-in-holes for Oil & Gas and Geothermal industry. Zerlux is pleased to announce that our OptEye Downhole Camera Family is ready for SALE! Please, see the why’s…


  • If you are a Service Provider, just forget about revenue sharing, keep all the revenue!
  • If you are an Operator, do not depend on third party service, reduce your cost!
  • Be well trained how to use downhole cameras, not a space rocket sciece!
  • Zerlux hands over running and well-clean out procedure!
  • Check out how your capital investment will return!


  • HT Fiber Optic
    Fiber Optic downhole camera technology is the most advanced, highest real-time resolution downhole visualization tool, that can provide 60 frame per second, full HD quality video from high pressure/high temperature environment. Fiber Camera can run on Fiber Optic or Hybrid Cable.

  • Hybrid Downhole Camera
    Hybrid camera technology can operate both on standard Electric Line and Slickline cable. The Hybrid camera system combines the practical advantages of real-time visualization and memory recorded modes at the same time offering near Zero NPT from loss in connection. Hybrid camera can run on Electric line and Slickline cable.

  • CTU Lens Cleaning
    Coiled Tubing operations are frequently requires visual feedback in order to avoid misruns. CTU Camera are designed for CT applications, having robust hosing and leans cleaning option. The pumped fluid can jet on the camera lens in order to provide good visibility even in harsh environmental conditions.

  • HT Memory
    Memory gauge investigations are one of the most widely used technology, easy to deploy, providing valuable information from the wellbore. Zerlux offers full HD resolution, 60 fps video quality recording even from 180°C wells, providing quick and user friendly data recording, and easy to merge software support.

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