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Slickline Memory Camera

Downhole Memory Camera tool is widely used as quickest and easiest visual inspection technology as the application of memory tools on slickline cable is easy, cost effective and valuable. Zerlux Memory Camera can provide as Full HD resolution video displaying as online camera tool but the most important logging visual data recorded on a memory card during the operation. High quality video can be easily downloaded from memory card after the operation through a user friendly software at any operation system. Recommended cases when the targeted depth and downhole assembly is exactly known and the well is able to be wirelined smooth without any mechanical barriers and no significant contamination expected.



  • Easy to implement on Slickline cable
  • Full HD definition, on-card recorded video
  • Extreme temperature and pressure resistance
  • User friendly software for any operation system


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Case videos

Downhole fishing

Dropped objects (lost BHA, remnant cable, sticking tools or valves in nipples, etc.) could cause significant issues on production and well integrity. Using Lead Impression Block (LIB) commonly called „confusion block” cannot provide clear picture on situation but frequently may cause further complications, extra time and cost. Zerlux OptEye Downhole Camera inspection can perfectly visualize and investigate the object, more precisely determining the shape of geometry to catch by downhole fishing, and also shows its exact position and all relevant circumstances which may significantly reduce necessary rig time and fishing cost in total as well.

Integrity check on wellhead

Although wellbore issues are more common in subsurface downhole environments, but in several cases the wellhead integrity and permeability also must be checked by visual investigation to avoid any complications during workover and wireline operations.

Zerlux Downhole Online and Memory cameras are the most ideal to visualize any kind of wellbore issues regardless of depth immediately after letting down into the well. Wellhead monitoring could reveal any failed design and fault operation of wellhead hardwares, valves and tubing head.

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