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Unique and own developed Lens Cleaning Technology can be adapted
to all kinds of Zerlux Cameras and will be available soon.

Unique Lens Cleaning Technology 

Downhole camera lenses almost always get contaminated during its operation that need be removed to get as clear picture on the downhole environment as we can!




Widely known industrial experience with camera jobs, that debris, crude, waxes, paraffins, even lubricator grease could typically accumulate on the front lens of the camera during the camera run-in-hole process in hydrocarbon wells. As a result, visibility might become quite limited or even may be totally reduced to zero, therefore the camera job may completely fail! The issue is the most critical and kay factor during downhole camera operations.

Only the Zerlux's unique and own-developed lens cleaning technology can clean and flush/jet all contamination away from the front lenses in order to warrant the expected good transparency even in highly contaminated wells or nay in crude oil wells during the whole downhole wireline operation.

Downhole cleaning jet-flush can be repeated multiple times in one RIH operation process! No needed CT to be applied for preventive cleaning!

Unique Lens Cleaning Technology can be adapted to all members of Zerlux Camera Family.

Case videos

Contaminated front camera lens

Case video shows the situation when Online Fiber Camera went through an oily section in the well during operation. Oil immediately stuck onto the surface of the lens and visibility became completely zero. With controlled Lens Cleaning Technology was activated and all contamination was flush-jetted away and visibility became again clear. A special solvent cleaning material was flush-jetted directly to the lenses through small nozzles multiple times.

As a result of good transparency, camera operation could be continued! The typical failure was successful prevented!

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