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What is your challange?

  • Corrosion 
    (of tubing and other wellbore assembly elements)
  • Fishing
    (of dropped and accidentally lost downhole tools)
  • Obstruction
    (of inflow into the well)
  • Valve Failure
    (of safety and regulatory/gaslift valves in the nipples or tubing-pockets)
  • Scale
    (barite and other chemical scaling in the borehole during oil production)
  • Leakage
    (due to isolation and fitting problems, or faulty seals)

Case Videos

Downhole fishing

Dropped objects (lost BHA, remnant cable, stucked valves, etc.) could cause significant issues on production and the well integrity. Using Lead Impression Block (LIB) commonly called „confusion block” frequently may cause further complications, extra time and cost even without succes. Zerlux OptEye Downhole Camera inspection can perfectly visualize the investigated object to be fished, determining the exact top shape for catching, precisingly define the position of downhole fishing and all relavant circumstances that could reduce operational time and cost of fishing services.


Corrosion of wellbore hardware is a major, frequent and global issue. Hundreds of thousands of elder wells shall be treated by corrosion problems because of their age, oftenly existing of corrosive contents of produced fluids (CO2, H2S, etc.), particularly within high temperature and pressure, existing chemicals, etc. Responsible managing well integrity issues, operators know that reliable, up-to-date and exact information is more than essential for early identification, accurate diagnosis and evaluation of the effectiveness of remedial actions. Zerlux OptEye Downhole Cameras can reliably provide a unique-clear view for the operators about every time status of the downhole corrosion at wellbore.

Valve Failure

Proper, safety and reliable operation of any kind of downhole valves are essential, especially downhole safety valves. Although valves are manufactured according to high quality standards, but valve failures are a very common observed and urgently repair-needed problem. The most trustable and convincing method to check the actual condition of valves is the visual inspection. Zerlux OptEye Downhole Cameras provide unique-clear visual information to the operators about the status and operativity of downhole valves. 

Leakage in wells

Usually as a result of the corrosion or mechanical failure (sometimes assembling mistakes) of wellbore hardware, small scale or significant leakages could appear on the tubing causing serious issues or in-well blow-out as well. The production flow could enter into tubing from the annulus space (or vica versa) resulting an immediate impact on continuous safe well operation, health and environment. Applying Zerlux OptEye Downhole Cameras this dangerous leakage can be easier locate and identified, defining the exact location, shape and dimensions can be precisely measured and visualized.

Hard Scaling in wellbore

Carbonate or special hard scale like barite became as the second leading operative issue globally that causes production decline and immediate income termination. According to case video hardware and perforation have been totally covered by barium hard scale while extreme downhole mineral precipitations have been documented. Considering to the actual conditions Operators could decide how to free up the well from production-stopping hard scaling. Applying Zerlux OptEye Downhole Cameras nature, size and location of hard scaling can be precisely identified, and it is able to choose a cost-effective, most proper solution to apply.

Restrictions in flow

Downhole tubulars (tubings, casings) can become limited in a numerous way resulting production decline or immediate safety and environmental problems. Wellbore access could be completely barriered and as information availability very limited from well-depth about the actual downhole conditions so, operators may not be able to make the most proper decisions. With application of Zerlux OptEye Downhole Cameras downhole barriers can be identified, and a cost-effective and most safe solution could be applied.